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Designed to provide complete privacy, a constant natural flow of cool air and a 360° views on the interior gardens and fountains, Riads were the "housing of choice" in Morocco's Medinas and the Moorish quarters of Andalusian Spain.
These striking structures, adorned with intricate arabesques, mosaic tiles and precious wood, stood the test of time and are today emblematic of Moroccan luxurious living paired with vernacular architecture.
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Mehdi Hsissen

A morroco-born, multicultural person, bold entrepreneur, and successful restauranteur, Mehdi is passionate about design + architecture with over 56 restaurants executed from scratch, his experience in crafting unique ambiances worldwide makes him a high-impact partner everywhere he goes.

César Fernández del Campo

A mexican-born, purpose-driven person, a successful developer, and an audacious entrepreneur César leverages his abilities to build bridges where no one else can through empathy and sheer intelligence, as head of N/A Helping Developers he brings out the best in every person who has the pleasure to work with him.

Tal Hayek

A citizen of the world, cosmopolitan character, Tal is the founder of Acquity Ads, a publicly-traded company in the Ad Tech industry and one of the fastest-growing companies in business, with clients from the 500 fortune list, Tal brings his passion for technology, innovation, and thorough execution everywhere he goes.

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